Take Typing Further.

What Is This?

Typical is a simple fast, and correct data-validation library using Python 3 type annotations. It supports automatic, guaranteed validation and coercion of incoming data by taking advantage of the type-hinting syntax provided by PEP 484 and the standard typing module.

Unlike other popular libraries such as Pydantic, Marshmallow, or Django Rest Framework, there is no new DSL to learn. typical does all of the work for you and all you need to know how to use is builtin type-hint syntax.

typical provides an entire suite of tools and functionality over-and-above the standard data-validation run-time:

  • Extended types for everyday web-development.

  • Contrained type descriptions for builtin types.

  • JSON Schema generation for builtins, typing types, and your own custom types or classes.

Getting Started

typical is a Python-only package hosted on PyPI.

$ pip install typical

The next few steps should bring you up and running in no time:

  • why gives you a rundown of potential alternatives and why we think typical is superior.

  • overview will show you a simple example of typical in action and introduce you to its philosophy.

  • usage will give you a quick look at the high-level API, and a few useful advanced patterns as well.

  • extras will give you a comprehensive tour of typical’s features.

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